It’s impossible to go through life and not meet people who have some kind of influence or impact on our lives. Even the smallest interaction with those around us makes a difference in our biography, from those deeply ¬†entrenched in our personal lives to the individuals we have only the briefest encounters with. Each alters our path and makes us who we are.


J1200x1200-60538 LV Inhaling


people-66 Sebastian’s Adapter


Jess two Jess


The Brothers Flores


Tess Hates Having Her Photo Taken


Ash Ash


AXMAN&RESCUELLA-6bThe Axe Man & Rescuella


Joey & The Beer Share Joey & The Beer Share


Ashley’s Friend Lauren’s Bruce Nauman Impersonation


LV's Umbrella...ella...ella...ella... LV’s Umbrella…ella…ella…ella…


Blue Line BuskerBlue Line Busker


Nancy Rubins, Artist Nancy Rubins, Artist


The Cake Fighter The Cake Fighter


Fern's F-16 Fern and his F-16


The Artists in Berlin The Artists in Berlin


The Banjo Picker The Banjo Picker


John Always Tells the Truth John Tells the Truth


Luis Contemplates... Luis Contemplates…


The Looker & The Lookout The Looker & The Lookout


Andrea's Laughter Andrea’s Laughter


Seriously Walt? Seriously Walt?


The Painter's Tool

Color Encrusted


Blown Away Blown Away


Pink Sweater in Pumps Pink Sweater in Pumps


Suavic's Cool Suavic’s Cool


Soaking It Up Soaking It Up


John, Sculpture Mover John The Sculpture Mover


Jess two Jess Two


Contemplating the Hood Corso Contemplating the Hood


Ela's A Bit Shy Ela’s A Bit Shy