My g1!tch0gr^phs are one part tragic happenstance, two parts misinformation, one part happy accident and 100% perseverance. By way of recovered data from a crashed laptop hard drive, the images are completely deconstructed then reassembled by the Art Gods and returned at random clips. Process is paramount and the recreation of continued failed hard drives continues to produce fantastic results, however random they might be. Traditional Photography and technological failure have joined forces to produce what can only be described as kismet. The re(de)construction of the images explores what misinformed or confabulated accounts are returned to us when we attempt to recall life’s memories and they don’t fully cooperate. Despite the immense frustration one experiences with problematic memory the works account for the happy accidents that pop up when least expected.

Images with titles that appear as links are available for purchase as limited edition prints in multiple sizes.


Brooklynite Two Brooklynite


Chicago's On Fire Again Chicago’s On Fire Again


Trailer Trashed Trailer Trashed


Warhol Wishes His Flowers Were This Pretty Warhol Wishes His Flowers Were This Pretty


Goldberg Times Two Goldberg Times Two


Mr. Roboto Performance in Pariser Platz


Natalie Wraps Natalie Wraps


Chicago Sunset from On High Chicago Sunset from On High


Fractured Abe Fractured Abe


Armada of F-15s Armada of F-15s


Shootout At Coles Shootout At Cole’s


Give Us A Kiss! Give Us A Kiss!


Robotic Handshaker Robotic Handshaker


Praha Nights Praha Nights


Death Grip with Diamond Death Grip with Diamond


Pull My Daisy Two Pull My Daisy


Einstein Smokes? Einstein Smokes?


Veruca Salt Rocks the White Rabbit Veruca Salt Rocks the White Rabbit


Grant Park Glows Grant Park Glows


Quadriga Quadriga


I Love to Watch I Love to Watch!


Just Watch Me Just Watch Me!


Justice In Love Justice In Love


Fractured LV Fractured LV


Little Guitars Little Guitars


Strung n’ Barbed


Crooked Tree Crooked Tree


Do You Wanna? Do You Wanna?


Pull My Daisy One Pull My Daisy Too